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Yacht Plotter

There are considerable variations in the legislation concerning radio reception in the different administrations around the world. It is your responsibility to determine whether or not your local administration permits the reception of AIS messages from ships. It is specifically forbidden to use Yacht Plotter for any illegal purpose whatsoever. The existence and the availability of Yacht Plotter is not to be construed as an incitement to commit any unlawful act. It is for use only in those countries, states and regions where such use is permitted.

If you use Yacht Plotter you must understand that, while Yacht Plotter may provide you with useful information about some of the ships in a vicinity, Yachting Limited does not make any warranties whatsoever that Yacht Plotter is fit or appropriate for any application, including but not limited to, applications where the safety of life is at stake. On the contrary, your primary means of navigation, collision avoidance and seamanship in general must place no reliance whatsoever on Yacht Plotter or any of its data. Not all vessels carry AIS equipment; not all vessels that carry it can be relied upon to have it operational; the radio receiver to which Yacht Plotter is connected may not be delivering all messages in a decodable form; Yacht Plotter may not decode messages correctly; Yacht Plotter code is reliability tested to an extent that is adequate for entertainment and educational use but is neither warranted nor tested for any operational use.