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Bespoke Yacht Charter

Maritime Identification Digits

Use our handy list of MMSI Maritime Identification Digits.

AIS Decoder

Decode AIS sentances using our AIS Decoder.

Piracy Map

View the top pirate hotspots of 2011.

Yacht Tracking

Welcome to Yacht Plotter, provider of free yacht tracking solutions and resources.

Yacht Plotter for BlackBerry

Log your voyages easily with our new BlackBerry application. Whether you simply want to log your movements or you want to fine tune your performance you will find the first BlackBerry sailing app simple to use.

Instant Analysis
Not only does the app log your course, position and speed but it provides you with an edge over your competitiors by analysing your current performance against your yacht's polar maximum. When performance is lacking suggestions are provided to help you attain optimal performance.
Sadly, the BlackBerry app is no longer available
due to the demise of BlackBerry Playbook
Analytical Reports
Upload telemetry from your BlackBerry to the Yacht Plotter site at the click of a button. This provides you with a record of your voyages and the ability to analyse your performance in detail.

Share and Compare
It is even possible to share your results within your social network such as other members of your crew or a sparring partner. Results are overlaid on the course map to allow performance of different boats in the fleet to be compared.